Online services providing money transfer across borders has created a space for wiring money online to Nigeria. This is especially true and significant because of the large Nigerian Diaspora present in the world. They would like to send money to Nigeria online for various purposes of their loved ones. Certain money streams like FAZRemit has also enabled businesses to set up in Nigeria and grow.

You can wire money online

It is practically easy to wire money online with the right documentation. With internet penetration in Nigeria rising to 42%, online transactions are on the rise. Africa’s largest economy is on its way to becoming truly cashless.  It would also help the economy as all transactions made online would directly play a part in the economy. This would create a transparent economy primed for future growth.

Wiring money online to Nigeria is easy with various service providers that offer fast, safe and affordable services. Yet it is imperative for the user to be completely satisfied as he or she has hundreds of services online to choose from.

As there is a chance that you will get the best deal, there is another side of it as well. You could become a part of internet frauds being reported now. Dating scam reports by Nigerian Americans have increased on the whole in the last few years. So, you need to stay safe from online scams while searching what’s best for you.

The Basic Safety Net

You can send money online to Nigeria with hundreds of platforms like FAZRemit with a few documents.

  • A valid email-ID
  • Valid ID Proof and Address Proof
  • A Valid Bank Account

But these form only the outer boundaries of the process.

It is also important to check up on

  • Delivery times of remittances
  • Safety procedures followed by the Service provider
  • The processing rate charged by the provider
  • The ease with which your loved ones can access the money sent.

Various platforms take 3-4 days in order to verify your credentials. This would inadvertently affect your need of the hour for fast transactions. The hidden processing charges by some providers also hamper your trust in wiring money online to Nigeria. The accessibility of the receiver is of paramount importance due to just 33% having a smartphone.
So, the question is – Do you need a Consistent Performer to Remit money to Nigeria?

FAZRemit can be your Channel

FAZRemit is an online service provider of money remittance from the US to Nigeria. FAZRemit is not an MSB in the US but instead acts as a digital platform for Choice Money Transfer Inc. It is licensed as a Money Transmitter by the New York State Department of Financial Services and by 17 jurisdictions. What this provides is a secure, authorized and most importantly, a reliable platform to send money to Nigeria online.

FAZRemit also has partnerships with over 25 banks in Nigeria to create a smooth remittance corridor from the US. This promises a convenient and fast path to the end-user while guaranteeing security.

The transaction fees by FAZRemit is also a gamechanger. With a flat rate to send money as high as $999, they lead this space. The amount of remittance one can send online is unlimited with the help of a simple compliance form.

These features, when packed into an easy to use interface, is the dream of the Nigerian Diaspora to send money online to Nigeria. The FAZRemit website is available 24/7 and people can use the features easily without any guidance or prior knowledge. FAZRemit has made the dreams of thousands of Nigerians abroad come true.

Fast, affordable and safe remittances to your loved ones back home is not a dream anymore. Join today at FAZRemit, to avail the best online service provider for yourself.