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How to Wire Money to your Beneficiaries?

Know all the steps from adding the beneficiaries to completing the wire transfer on FAZRemit.

To send money to Nigeria from US, the first step is to register for an account. As soon as your request is verified, you will be notified of the same via email and then you can add multiple beneficiaries to wire money into their account.

1. Add Beneficiary

To ensure that every transaction is sent to the right account without any delay, apart from just the user verification, we also verify the beneficiary’s account by asking you for the following information:

Figure: How to Add a Beneficiary

After filling in all the details, and hitting ‘Save‘, you will receive an email from FAZRemit as an acknowledgement of your action:

Figure: Beneficiary Added

Also, as soon as you add the beneficiary, our automated tools begin the verification. Once verified, you can start making payment(s) to him or her. You can make an unlimited number of instant transactions of up to US$ 2,499 to your beneficiaries.

2. Wire Money to Beneficiary

If you want to make payment to your beneficiaries, add a transaction to open the following window:

Figure: Transaction Page

Once the transaction details are saved, this is how your dashboard will look like:

Finally, you will be redirected to your dashboard on which you can check all the details. Once verified, just click on ‘Make Payment‘ to get redirected to our payment gateway:

Figure: Payment Gateway

Once the payment is done, you will see the following screen.

Figure: Transaction Registered

You can check the status of your transaction in your own dashboard.

Figure: Transaction Monitoring on User Dashboard

Along with this dashboard, FAZRemit will also send you a payment receipt via email. Meanwhile, it is strongly recommended that you do not delete your transaction receipt until the payment is complete.


Right from the addition of your beneficiary to your transferred amount reflecting in your beneficiary’s account, your FAZRemit dashboard will be updated in real-time.

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