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How to Wire Money Online from United States to Nigeria?

The United States consists of the largest Nigerian diaspora in all of the world countries. It is evident from the remittance figures which stood at $7.2 billion in 2017. Furthermore,…

The United States consists of the largest Nigerian diaspora in all of the world countries. It is evident from the remittance figures which stood at $7.2 billion in 2017. Furthermore, there is speculation for an increase in the diaspora with 33% Nigerians planning to migrate in the next 5 years. A decrease in bank-backed remittances and MTOS in Nigeria has led to widespread fears of decline. The fact that Remittance grew from 14.1 billion in 2005 to $35 billion in 2016 adds to the unrest. That’s a 148% increase in remittance since 2005 that is in danger of decline due to dreadful service.

There are various online services that have sprung up to provide adequate services in the meanwhile. FAZRemit is determined to provide even more. Therefore, how to wire money online has become one of the hot topics of discussion.

The Basics of How to Wire Money Online

The need of the hour is to send money to Nigeria online directly. The use of online technology to wire money is catching up among Nigerians. The country has 56% internet penetration. This is fueled by 87% of its population having access to smartphones. These improvements have also enabled a shift towards a cashless economy.

One can easily make use of Online Money Transfer services like FAZRemit and their Mobile wallet services. They provide fast and affordable remittances. FAZRemit charges the lowest processing fee at 1.7% per $999. The use of the platform is secure due to proper documentation and checks. FAZRemit makes sure to verify documents properly in order to bar any illicit behavior.

Below are the documents requirements to send money to Nigeria online with FAZRemit.

  • A valid email-ID
  • Valid ID Proof and Address Proof
  • A valid Bank Account
  • Internet Connection

Start Sending Money to Nigeria

Once you have all the required documents, you can avail the services of FAZRemit easily. The following are the steps to be followed to make use of the FAZRemit services platform.

How to wire money online from the United States to Nigeria with FAZRemit –

  1. Register with FAZRemit with valid proof
  2. Add the beneficiary by giving beneficiary details
  3. Wait for verification of the beneficiary account
  4. Send up to $2,499 to the Beneficiary instantly.

Once the registration has been done, your documents will be approved after verification. This improves the security of the transaction process and safeguards you from any problems during the transaction. Getting the money to your beneficiary once verification is complete is simple.

Read: How to register on FAZRemit?

FAZRemit Is For You, the Customer!

The service has been set up such that anyone with a bank account and proper verification can use them. FAZRemit has a presence in the US cities of New York, Atlanta, Houston, Washington, Dallas, Chicago, Baltimore, Los Angeles, and Boston.

This hassle-free and transparent service have to be the answer on how to wire money online to Nigeria. FAZRemit has been used by thousands to send money to Nigeria online from the US.

Fast, affordable and safe remittances to your loved ones is not a dream anymore. Join today at FAZRemit, to avail these services yourself !

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What Do I Get If I Remit Money To Nigeria Using FAZRemit?

What is the best way to remit money to Nigeria? How convenient is it? Does the online money transfer platform offer its services at affordable rates? Is it the fastest…

What is the best way to remit money to Nigeria? How convenient is it? Does the online money transfer platform offer its services at affordable rates? Is it the fastest online service to send money to Nigeria? Some FAZRemit users, after registering and completing the document verification, or in some cases, before that, have the question of what do they get while sending remittances or paying bills in Nigeria from USA using FAZRemit.

No Cash Involved!

First of all, because of stringent security protocols, FAZRemit does not allow any sort of cash transactions as there are multiple risks involved in it. Moreover, being a licensed and responsible online money transfer platform, we also encourage our registered users as well as all the online remittance senders to avoid international cash transfers.

100% Security Guaranteed

For both, our customers as well as banks in Nigeria, FAZRemit ensures that every single transaction is 100% legitimate. Our comprehensive document verification for remittance senders ensure that every verified FAZRemit user has no possibility of creating a high-risk transaction. At FAZRemit, we strictly abide by AML/CFT regulations. From the user’s end, we verify the beneficiary. This ensures that every transaction is as safe as it can be. If because of any reason, a transaction is not completed, there are no deductions at all. So, with FAZRemit, either the users get 100% satisfaction or 100% refund.

Lightening-fast Money Transfer to Nigeria

Once the documents are verified, and a transaction is created by the user, it only takes an instant to send money. Currently, users can get this service only during business hours, i.e. Monday to Saturday, from 9.00 AM to 5.30 PM EST. All the transactions created at any other time are catered by our team on the next business day. Currently, you can send up to $995 in a single transaction and send up to $10,000 per month using our instant money transfer.

Round-the-clock Chat & Email Support

Whatever may be your query. Be it regarding our services, registration on FAZRemit, document verification, sending remittance to Nigeria, or any post-transaction query, we have everything sorted out. You have the option to contact us via E-mail at Also, if you want to have a real-time conversation, all you need to do is – visit Our 24×7 online chat support will attend you. Talk about convenience in money transfer!

Cheapest International Money Transfer

While banks may charge you up to 10% of the total transaction cost and IMTOs charge up to 5%, FAZRemit has specific transaction slabs. Thus, if you transfer 499.99 USD to Nigeria, you will just pay US$8.99. This makes FAZRemit the most affordable platform to remit money to Nigeria at just 1.7%. Even if you make the maximum one-time transaction (i.e. $995), you still pay a maximum of 2% of the total amount.

Furthermore, there is a very high maximum limit of $10,000 per month. Considering the affordability and the accountability FAZRemit provides, our recurring customers choose us to remit money to Nigeria from USA.

Information is the Key…

Apart from just providing the best online remittance services from USA to Nigeria, FAZRemit dedicatedly works towards keeping the customers updated with the latest trends. Through our regular blog posts and active social media presence, we connect with our audience personally. We give them the most relevant information in the field of remittance, finance and banking in Nigeria. Our blog posts also cover Ghana, Kenya and all other African nations.

Furthermore, we are well aware of our audience that mostly consists of immigrants residing in USA. Therefore, it is our responsibility to provide them with unbiased and analytically backed information.

Shouldn‘t This Be The Best Way to Remit Money to Nigeria?

Apart from all the above perks, we are overwhelmed by the positive feedback of our customers. At the same time, as soon as we implement their suggestions, we also send them a special letter of thanks. Our customers make FAZRemit the best online money transfer platform, and we do everything best to become their most preferred option to remit money to Nigeria from USA.

To experience all of the above and more, register on FAZRemit and instantly send money to your loved ones in Nigeria from USA at the most affordable rate.

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4 Things to Expect from A Secure Money Transfer to Nigeria…

When it comes to a remittance platform that provides secure money transfer to Nigeria from USA, there are few boxes it needs to check. Right from being a part of…

When it comes to a remittance platform that provides secure money transfer to Nigeria from USA, there are few boxes it needs to check. Right from being a part of a safe environment to your personal security, everything matters.

In this blog, we will list down all the pointers that make an ‘online remittance provider’ secure. Furthermore, we will check how FAZRemit ensures the safety of all the customers who want to send money to Nigeria from USA.

1. Guaranteeing A Safe Habitat

Strictly following the guidelines laid down by financial regulators of both the countries of a remittance corridor is mandatory. In this case, Nigerian and American financial regulatory bodies have specific protocols that each and every licensed bank and non-bank financial institution must follow.

To achieve that, online money transfer platforms have to do a trade-off between the freedom to make any transaction(s) without any obstacle and asking them for their KYC documents. This ensures that each and every international transaction is processed within a controlled and safe environment. And that the money is not being laundered or used for Terrorism funding.


kyc documents for safe secure money transfer to Nigeria

FAZRemit is dedicated to providing the most convenient money transfer to Nigeria. However, there are some security protocols we need to follow to ensure the safety of the entire FAZRemit family. This is why, to register on FAZRemit and for sending money to Nigeria from USA, one needs to submit his or her identity and address proof.

2. Securing Your Data

To register on a platform including any sort of financial transaction, you need to submit various details, including, but not limited to:

  1. Phone Number
  2. Email ID
  3. Address Proof
  4. Bank Account Details
  5. Personal Documents

Read: FAZRemit Privacy Policy

Therefore, it is the concerned platform’s responsibility to keep all your personal and public information (if any) safe.

3. Sending Money to the Right Beneficiary

There have been multiple cases in the finance industry where a customer commits a mistake of sending money to an incorrect address. The worst part about this blunder is – it may require a lot of exhaustive documentation work to get the transferred funds back. If not that, then one may need to convince the recipient to return the money back. So, overall, in this scenario, your convenience goes down the flush!


To avoid such problems from the very beginning, FAZRemit allows you to add a beneficiary. Once we verify the beneficiary, we notify him or her of the same, and then you can send money to the Beneficiary instantly. Furthermore, you can make recurring payments to the verified beneficiary.

Also, if you do not want to send the payment right away, you can create a transaction and save it for later. When you want to release the payment, simply make the payment and we will transfer the money instantly!

4. 100% Refund if the Transaction is Unsuccessful

In the case, because of any reason, FAZRemit cannot process your transaction, you will get 100% refund. This is how we ensure that money is 100% safe with FAZRemit.


Once you get onboard with FAZRemit, we ensure that you have the fastest, most convenient and safe experience.

To experience the most secure money transfer to Nigeria from USA at the most affordable rates, register on FAZRemit today!

For any further queries, you can always use our Chat Support or contact us at

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How to Register on FAZRemit? A Step-by-step Guide

  To register on FAZRemit, go to the Registration page. There you need to put your name and a valid email ID. Please note that for explaining the registration process,…


To register on FAZRemit, go to the Registration page. There you need to put your name and a valid email ID.

Please note that for explaining the registration process, we have used a temporary name and email ID – demo-registration.


As soon as you press ‘Sign Up’, you will be redirected your dashboard. There you can check how your personal FAZRemit dashboard will look like. No one but you can access the dashboard. It will look like the following:


fazremit dashboard

We will send a verification email on your email ID. Once you click on the verification link, we will redirect you to the FAZRemit Sign-in page. Now you need to use the email and password to access your dashboard.


After signing up, we will redirect you to your personal dashboard wherein the left section, you need to go to the ‘ID-check’ segment.


personal dashboard

To send money to Nigeria from USA using FAZRemit, you need to complete your application. This consists of filling up the form and sending your documents. Start off by filling all the details, namely,

Name, Phone number, Date of Birth, Occupation, Address, ZIP, Country, State, and City.



We will send you an OTP on your Phone number. Once it’s done, simply click ‘Save’. If you have filled all the details properly, you will see the following screen.


The next step is to add your upload KYC documents. You will have multiple options to choose from. For instance, in the Identity documents, you can submit your Driving License, Passport or a State-issued ID card. Address proof will have similar options.

You must upload clear, uncut, scanned (not a screenshot), and straight documents.

Please note that the images attached below are for demonstration purpose only.


identify documents to send money nigeria

As soon as you click ‘Save’, you will be redirected to your dashboard where your document status will change to ‘Accepted’. This means that we have received your documents and it is under verification.


demo fazremit registration

In the entire process, we will keep you notified of the progress via mail. In case you have any queries before, during or after the registration process, you can simply use our 24X7 chat support or you can also contact us at

Once your documents are verified, you are then registered and verified FAZRemit user. We will send you an email regarding the same, and then you can instantly send money to your beneficiary/beneficiaries from USA to Nigeria, Ghana or Kenya.

Register today on FAZRemit to instantly transfer money to Nigeria from USA at the most affordable rate.

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Here are 5 Indicators of a Convenient Money Transfer to Nigeria…

No matter how much Technology – an amalgamation of science, techniques, skills, and processes – advances, it will always have an ultimate objective – to make your life convenient. We…

No matter how much Technology – an amalgamation of science, techniques, skills, and processes – advances, it will always have an ultimate objective – to make your life convenient. We can apply the same to international wire transfers. There are millions of searches for cheap, fast and safe international money transfer providers. Ease of information because of technological advancement has already led to competitors implementing the best methods to achieve the basic concept of a market. But the unanswered question that plays a major role in a customer picking one service over the other for sending remittances from USA to Nigeria is whether a service provider can facilitate convenient money transfer to Nigeria from USA.

But How Do We Define Convenience in Remittance Industry?

The best counter-argument I found out while exploring an answer to this question was –

“Convenience is a very subjective term”. 

And I actually agree with this sentence. It is basically a state of being able to complete a task with ease. What one could term as a tedious task, for another, it could be the easiest.

So, what are the ‘’tangible’’ parameters that make an IMTO the most convenient money transfer service provider?

Obviously, a financial organization or platform has to provide instant transactions online at the most affordable processing fee. But we will not address them in this blog. Because there is a different concept of ‘convenience’ to be discussed. Is it all about getting the brand visible to the client? How can one aim for perfection, if that is an actual thing at all? Or is it just about the journey that all money transfer platforms need to take to become better than their competitors? Let us enlist all the parameters of a convenient IMTO.

1. Large Area Coverage – Boon or a Curse?

In the USA-Nigeria remittance corridor, FAZRemit received hundreds of queries from the customers regarding the service areas. Broadly, they are:

“Can I send Money from XYZ (American State)?”

“Can I send money to XYZ (Nigerian bank)?”

Big IMTOs have a huge customer-base distributed in multiple countries, however, their services come at a cost. Such IMTOs have a wide coverage area. It is best for their business’ profit. But is this what customers want who want to send funds from USA to Nigeria?

On the other hand, emerging platforms are giving them a tough time, especially when it comes to very selective demographics. Apart from simply the lowest processing fee and faster transaction, promising online money transfer service like FAZRemit are helping customers get the overall experience they want.

For instance, FAZRemit has a license to do business in the following states in the United States of America:

  • California
  • Connecticut
  • Delaware
  • District of Columbia
  • Florida
  • Georgia
  • Illinois
  • Maryland
  • Michigan
  • New Jersey
  • New York
  • North Carolina
  • Ohio
  • Pennsylvania
  • Rhode Island
  • South Carolina
  • Tennessee
  • Texas
  • Virginia

When it comes to transaction terminating points in Nigeria, FAZRemit facilitates money transfer to 23 Nigerian banks. Apart from actively participating in the Nigerian remittance market, FAZRemit also provides online wire transfer services to Ghana and Kenya.

From an organizational point of view, this could have certain limitations for a business, most of all being, the inability to tap into a bigger market. However, overcoming the FOMO effect, these platforms are able to concentrate on fulfilling the users’ demands and understanding their needs. Additionally, as per the customer feedback, they can easily monitor their own performance and make instant changes as per the customers’ feedback. Overall, this benefits the end-user, i.e. you, the customer.

2. Ease of Navigation within the Platform

Keeping it simple and goal-oriented must be the objective of a convenient money transfer service. This includes an interactive UX-design while keeping the overall outlook subtle and easily understandable. One should not face any difficulty in navigating the website. If you use any query and you don’t get what you are looking, well then, what’s the use of such a platform?

After all, your primary objective of visiting a website is to send money to Nigeria from USA. And if you are unable to achieve that task, well, the primary goal of the money transfer platform been defeated.

This does not mean that a good money transfer should totally discard the design-complexity. A good analogy to explain this would be the difference between the highly customizable Android and extremely simplistic iOS. Android has its own set of loyal customers but there is a reason why iOS is considered better by a majority.

3. Minimum document requirement

Right from the customer’s first point of contact, i.e. website, a convenient money transfer service would focus on keeping the data-entry and document submission to a minimum.

Cold-heart truth is that users hate KYC! Most of them do not apply for a new money transfer service provider. Why?

Not because of the fear of sharing details but because they do not want to go through the wearisome process of document verification. Talk about an individual’s hunger for convenience!

However, even if a regulated money transfer platform wants to, it cannot and should not compromise its legal and moral obligations. This is where KYC documents are important. But where is the convenience in this?

Read: Why Do You Need to Submit KYC Documents?

FAZRemit only requires 2 types of documents from its customers – Identity and Address Proof. Furthermore, generally, document verification for a customer takes a few hours to even a couple of days, or even more. However, at FAZRemit, if the documents are clearly visible, then the document verification can be concluded within a few minutes after which the user can start making payments to his or her beneficiary.

4. Payment Options – Credit, Debit, Bank Account

After the registration and verification part, we get down to the real deal – the Payment. Option to use a credit card, debit card or internet banking allows users the ultimate flexibility. It gives them the power to Choose!

Every single IMTO has a certain maximum limit for a single transaction to avoid excess paperwork or for security purposes. Although there are multiple points in favor of IMTOs in the ‘IMTOs vs Banks‘ debate, this is one of the points where banks have the upper hand.

But, according to FAZRemit, till March, in 2019, the average money transfer from USA to Nigeria in a single transaction is considerably low. FAZRemit allows a minimum transaction of $25 and has a maximum limit of $950 for a single transaction. This limit is just another point that’s put forward but it doesn’t change anything as customers, who want to send money to Nigeria conveniently, as such, do not seem to have any problem with this trade-off.

Same goes for the number of transactions that a user can make. Through FAZRemit, a verified customer can make an unlimited number of transfers to his or her beneficiaries in Nigeria from USA.

Furthermore, the user can save a beneficiary and make recurring payments. Also, you can make a payment in your dashboard and schedule it for later.

5. How You Respond is Important…

The crucial factor, and apparently, the most important one, that defines real convenience in sending money to Nigeria is, undoubtedly, Customer support.

You would not want to talk to a representative who keeps running to the technical team to get answers of every single question. At the same time, the last thing you want from the support agent is to use jargons that you are completely unfamiliar with. In fact, this would be absolutely frustrating!

Be it instant chat support or prompt email response, an experienced and well-versed customer support staff not only addresses all your queries but also maintains a comfort level during the conversation.

FAZRemit’s customer support team ensures that you get the information you want in the most convenient way. Their primary objective is to strengthen their reliability while making the customer feel comfortable.

For a better explanation of all the FAZRemit’s services and to give the best response for FAQs, they even refer to YouTube videos and images that can help customers in an even better fashion.

You don’t want to type? They’ve got it covered!

Undoubtedly in the competitive digital world, the competition among IMTOs and in fact for all service providers finally comes down to the user experience. But at the same time, is the responsibility of the service provider to strike just the right balance between its aspirations to facilitate the most convenient money transfer to Nigeria without compromising with the mandatory security protocols. And, it should not be wrong to expect the same from the customers as well.

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You Must Know These Points Before Sending Money to Nigeria from USA

Is this a scam? How much do you charge? Why is the Document Verification taking so long? Can I be sure that my funds will reach the correct recipient? Why…

Is this a scam?
How much do you charge?
Why is the Document Verification taking so long?
Can I be sure that my funds will reach the correct recipient?
Why is it taking this long to process the transaction?
When can I get a response to my queries?

Before sending money to Nigeria from USA, a majority of customers are skeptical about money transfer services. Moreover, this is worth it considering that there are hundreds of Ponzi schemes and platforms online. Awareness about the subject could mean the difference between making the right choice or getting scammed. Discovering new offers, benefits and services can get you the best deals and everyone would recommend it. However, scammers are also looking for such targets. This does not mean that you should drop the idea of exploring completely.

Which is the best alternative to transfer money to Nigeria online?

Instead of this, a better question would be – ‘Which is the best online money transfer service for you?’ because the answer to that depends on multiple factors. There are several platforms and IMTOs who would provide their service at a cheaper cost while others may have faster transaction processing time. Some may claim to have the best security protocol whereas others may claim convenience as their USP.

So, the question is – What do you want?


Let us discuss all the problems you may come across while searching for a reliable platform to transfer money to a Nigerian bank account from the United States of America.

Is the Operator Hiding Anything?

The credibility of online money transfer platforms has undoubtedly been compromised publicly because of the widespread active network of scammers seeking opportunities to lure in people. According to Washington State’s Attorney General, US citizens lose millions each year to wire transfer scams. So, examine the operator, its claims, cross-verify, and then avail the services with precaution.

Another prevalent method of making immoral profits in the money transfer industry is – Hidden Charges. In this case, companies or online platforms do not reveal a complete payment breakdown. Once a transaction is made, a significant amount gets deducted from the ill-informed customer.

Here’s something to ‘enlighten’ you about this topic…


While sending money to Nigeria from USA, or making an international transaction, exchange fee and transaction fee are always levied. So, make sure you are well aware of the total breakdown of the total transaction charges beforehand.
One of the recommended ways to examine a promising platform is to make a minimum transaction instead of directly going with the big numbers because of the offer you are getting. Just don’t get manipulated. Give the platform a try by taking a calculated risk. On the basis of your experience, judge whether you want to continue with it.

Is the Response Appropriate?

Almost every single money transfer platform claims ”fastest transaction”. Others would do it at the cheapest fee.
So, compare a few platforms, read about the experience of those who have availed the services. There is no point in sending money if it does not get to the right person at the right time, especially in emergency situations. Same can be said about paying absurdly high transaction costs. As per your personal preference, you need to strike a proper balance between both options.

Going a step forward, what matters more than this is the response time by the operator. Due to unforeseen technical problems, at times there could be delays in the process, however, it’s the responsibility of the service provider to address the query without any delay.


Good customer support is a major parameter to determine reliability. In case you put across your query and the service provider doesn’t respond or takes a lifetime to satisfy the customer, consider this a red flag.

How Does the Platform Ensures Security?

When it comes to financial services, security is a must. To ensure that the funds you transfer reach to the correct bank account(s) and that not a single step violates any AML/CFT regulations, a responsible money transfer service provider must have proper documentation protocol.


The money transfer operator must ask for KYC documents from you. Also, the company must verify details of the beneficiary or recipient’s bank account.
This system not only secures a user’s hard-earned money but also ensures that the platform has strict guidelines against unlawful exercises.

How Serious Are They About Accountability?

Having a personal dashboard certainly makes the money transfer experience extremely convenient. But at the same time, you must have a recorded transaction statement from the service provider as your personal copy.
There have been multiple instances in the remittance market that while wiring money to Nigeria from USA, the money gets deducted from the user’s account but does not reach its required destination. Therefore, it is important that you keep a copy of the transaction until the funds are completely processed.
You can use that receipt to put up a strong case for your refund. And if the platform does not, you can easily get your funds through the legal channel.

Therefore, it is important that you look for a service provider that respects and encourages customer empowerment.

FAZRemit, the one-stop online money transfer platform, ensures that anyone and everyone sending money from USA to Nigeria, Ghana or Kenya, gets the best overall experience.


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How to Send Money to Nigeria from USA?

To send money to Nigeria, the overall accessibility is better today than ever before because of the availability of multiple online platforms right from banks and International Money Transfer Operators…

To send money to Nigeria, the overall accessibility is better today than ever before because of the availability of multiple online platforms right from banks and International Money Transfer Operators (IMTOs) to bidding sites. However, all such options have their individual drawback. While banks and bidding sites take almost a week to process the transaction and charge high transaction interest, IMTOs are also competing against them or through those platforms as well as among themselves while trying to maintain a balance of their high-end operational and expansion cost. Because of this, some IMTOs may offer comparatively lower fees and others may have faster transaction time but there is no ‘Jack of All Trades’.

This has led to the emergence of an automated platform like FAZRemit which takes care of all the proceedings right from easy registration and verification to final transaction, and beyond. To send money to Nigeria from US via FAZRemit, you have to follow 3 simple steps:

  1. Register easily using your E-mail ID
  2. Verify your Email and submit your KYC documents including your Passport and Address Proof
  3. Once the verification is complete, add a beneficiary and send up to US$2499 instantly

Send Money to Nigeria from the United States

Even before laying the foundation of FAZRemit, our market analysis helped us understand the problems faced by the Nigerian diaspora in the United States for sending remittances to their native country. Overcoming all those problems, we made sure that every single state in the US is well-equipped with providing satisfactory services to our customers who can send money to various banks in Nigeria with no hassle.

Collecting data from multiple surveys, we started our services ensuring that immigrants or in fact, anyone with a bank account can send money to Nigeria from US from New York, Atlanta, Houston, Washington, Dallas, Chicago, Baltimore, Los Angeles and Boston. Instead of spreading our service globally, being a customer-driven model, FAZRemit ensures to deliver on its promises to the client without compromising with the security standards set up by countries involved in the concerned Remittance-corridor. Currently, we provide our online money transfer services in Nigeria, Ghana and Kenya.

Why Choose FAZRemit?

We, at FAZRemit, understand what the customers need the most – Value. And this is what we are after! Abiding by the laws put in place by Nigerian as well as United States government, by following all the fundamental protocols, we ensure to provide our customers with:

  • Fastest
  • Cheapest, and
  • Most Convenient

online money transfer services to send money to Nigeria from the United States. We understand the trend that is shifting from traditional financial trades and how the current generation of millennials is playing a major role by actively taking part in this evolution. This makes it imperative for any financial institution to evolve itself and work toward making its service better every single day which is why we take considerable steps based on your feedback to make ourselves better to provide you with the service you aspire for and the experience you deserve!

To avail our services right away, Register with FAZRemit today!

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