United States, the land of opportunities have attracted people from far and wide for years due to the gateways it presents. It has rung true with the majority of African diasporas settling in the US for brighter futures. Nigeria, the largest country in Sub-Saharan Africa by population receives the highest remittance in the continent. Of the total, $7.2 billion was remitted from the US alone. This is in direct relation to the presence of more than 300,000 Nigerian Americans in the country.

The diaspora sends money from Maryland, Baltimore, and Towson to Nigerian banks as remittance for their families. What are the services they have as options and what does FAZRemit have to offer them?

Traditional Methods Of Transfers

The Banks have offered money transfer services since their advent. International money transfers are also offered by these banks assuring high security albeit with various stopgaps. The processing fee for an international transfer through the banks is relevant to the day’s foreign exchange rate. Fluctuating rates mean that the diaspora never gets a standard service fee for transfers to Nigeria. The remittance may also take anywhere from 2-3 weeks to reach the benefactor’s bank account.

International Money Transfer Operators make use of branch-to-branch transfers in order to achieve faster transfer times. They do this at premium rates of 8-10% of the total amount to be transferred. They also do not safeguard the security of the customers’ money and are prone to illicit activities. It is possible to send money from Maryland, Baltimore, and Towson to Nigeria through these services. Even though they assure money transfers in 2-3 days, they do not remit money to Nigerian Banks, but to their branches. This can be a hindrance for various benefactors who cannot facilitate the movement of money to banks themselves.

The Modern Gateway

The Nigerian diaspora is increasingly making use of online money transfer platforms like FAZRemit. This increase is supplemented by the technological growth in Nigeria with more than half of the population having access to the internet. This method of easily transferring money has helped to increase the remittance rates to Nigeria. The service has enabled them to send money from Maryland, Baltimore, and Towson to Nigeria at affordable rates. The transfers are instant and take place through the bank accounts of the customers. Anyone can use FAZRemit due to the easily accessible platform and ease of use of the interface.

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FAZRemit The Future

We provide all the advantages with none of the drawbacks of traditional service platforms for International money transfer to Nigeria.

FAZRemit customers are assured fast, affordable and secure transaction to Nigeria from the US. The transactions take place instantly at the click of a button. The documentation verification during registration helps in the safeguarding of the customers’ money. Instant money transactions are done at the lowest processing fees in the market.

24/7 customer care enables prompt solutions to any problems the customer may face. The easily usable interface is an added advantage for the families in Nigeria to access information.

Join today at FAZRemit to access the online service to send money to Nigeria from the US directly.