The United States consists of the largest Nigerian diaspora in all of the world countries. It is evident from the remittance figures which stood at $7.2 billion in 2017. Furthermore, there is speculation for an increase in the diaspora with 33% Nigerians planning to migrate in the next 5 years. A decrease in bank-backed remittances and MTOS in Nigeria has led to widespread fears of decline. The fact that Remittance grew from 14.1 billion in 2005 to $35 billion in 2016 adds to the unrest. That’s a 148% increase in remittance since 2005 that is in danger of decline due to dreadful service.

There are various online services that have sprung up to provide adequate services in the meanwhile. FAZRemit is determined to provide even more. Therefore, how to wire money online has become one of the hot topics of discussion.

The Basics of How to Wire Money Online

The need of the hour is to send money to Nigeria online directly. The use of online technology to wire money is catching up among Nigerians. The country has 56% internet penetration. This is fueled by 87% of its population having access to smartphones. These improvements have also enabled a shift towards a cashless economy.

One can easily make use of Online Money Transfer services like FAZRemit and their Mobile wallet services. They provide fast and affordable remittances. FAZRemit charges the lowest processing fee at 1.7% per $999. The use of the platform is secure due to proper documentation and checks. FAZRemit makes sure to verify documents properly in order to bar any illicit behavior.

Below are the documents requirements to send money to Nigeria online with FAZRemit.

  • A valid email-ID
  • Valid ID Proof and Address Proof
  • A valid Bank Account
  • Internet Connection

Start Sending Money to Nigeria

Once you have all the required documents, you can avail the services of FAZRemit easily. The following are the steps to be followed to make use of the FAZRemit services platform.

How to wire money online from the United States to Nigeria with FAZRemit –

  1. Register with FAZRemit with valid proof
  2. Add the beneficiary by giving beneficiary details
  3. Wait for verification of the beneficiary account
  4. Send up to $2,499 to the Beneficiary instantly.

Once the registration has been done, your documents will be approved after verification. This improves the security of the transaction process and safeguards you from any problems during the transaction. Getting the money to your beneficiary once verification is complete is simple.

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FAZRemit Is For You, the Customer!

The service has been set up such that anyone with a bank account and proper verification can use them. FAZRemit has a presence in the US cities of New York, Atlanta, Houston, Washington, Dallas, Chicago, Baltimore, Los Angeles, and Boston.

This hassle-free and transparent service have to be the answer on how to wire money online to Nigeria. FAZRemit has been used by thousands to send money to Nigeria online from the US.

Fast, affordable and safe remittances to your loved ones is not a dream anymore. Join today at FAZRemit, to avail these services yourself !