Pennsylvania is a northeastern state in the United States. The state is well known for its business activities and they involve investments in many countries including Nigeria. The state also houses Nigerians who work and send their money to their country for economic development and personal requirements by their families. The survey taken in 2016 estimates to 380,785 Nigerians living in the USA. They are widespread across the country including Pennsylvania. The country of Nigeria depends upon the money these people send for their economic development and other basic requirements. This is the main source of income for the country. There are various ways for money transfer to Nigeria. Some are following.


If you are living in Pennsylvania and you have to send money to Nigeria, then an online transfer is one of the fastest ways to transfer money to Nigeria. You just need to go through some simple steps, and your money will be sent there. Fill the account details in which you have to transfer money, then fill the account holder name, then fill the amount to be transferred in the receiver account. Just this effort and your money will be transferred successfully. This is one the best way to save your time in sending money anywhere. So using this method from people from anywhere in the United States, send money to Nigeria. Many of us are using this option because of the advantages of instant delivery, low cost, and safety.

Through banking

If you are away from technology, then this might be the best option for you to money transfer to Nigeria. It is one of the oldest methods, to send money anywhere. Almost all banks nowadays perform these transactions. It takes 1 to 5 days on average to transfer your money anywhere. It may take more days but it the most trustable way for money-related topics. You have to go through some simple steps to send your money. Just fill the account details in which money is to be transferred, fill the account holder details in an appropriate place, fill the amount to be sent. These simple steps and your money will be transferred at no charges.

Money transfer to Nigeria through MTO’s

There is one more final option available to send your money. This is a more time-consuming method It might take 6 to 7 working days or even more to complete the process. You can send the money anywhere and without any transaction. You just need to contact the courier official for the procedure. They will tell you what to do to complete the process. Using this option, from Pennsylvania, united states, send money Nigeria.

These are the various ways through which we can transfer money to Nigeria. The options are wide. The option chosen for money transfer depends on the availability of a resource. Money transfer is now not a big deal. So, analyze the option and choose the best method that suits your needs.