Rhode Island is a state in the New England region of the United States. It is the smallest state in area, the seventh least populous, the second most densely populated, and it has the longest official name of any state. The community of Nigerians in Rhode Island try to increase the economic condition of their country by sending a part of their earnings every year. Along with this, the businessmen in Nigeria also invest in Nigeria due to their good oil production and low labor costs.  Nigerians living in the state can transfer money from Rhode Island to Nigeria through various methods. People who need to make money transfer to Nigeria can read below to find out in detail.

Money transfer to Nigeria through mobile

This online mode of the transaction can be done from your mobile, and it is not that complicated. The transfer of money is a common activity. This money transfer is one of the major income sources in the Nigerian economy. And most of them are done nowadays through online money transfer method that can be accessed now through mobile phones. The rates for transferring money is also not very high. These types of mobile transfer allow people to transfer money at a low price and flexibility to access the website at any time.

Through FAZRemit

It is a digital platform which is licensed as a money transmitter by the New York State Department of financial services. There are many benefits of using this platform. It charges less fee when compared to other options. It also takes less amount of time to complete the transaction. Nigeria has recently crossed the $25 billion mark in remittance inflows as stated in the report – Nigeria Economic Outlook, which means a large amount of money is transferred every year to Nigeria from the US. Using FAZRemit, people can perform money transfer to Nigeria anytime they want. The steps to be followed are quite simple for sending money to Nigeria through FAZRemit. You have to sign up for using this service.  FAZRemit gives extra protection to your money. This can be the best option for people from Rhode Island to send money Nigeria.

Precautions to be taken to send money to Nigeria

Even though sending money through online portals has become a common process there are still certain risk factors involved in this process. One of the most important risk factors is to send money Nigeria through online websites may sometimes result in online fraud activities.  These websites attract people with exciting offers and steal their money in the end without making the transfer. Nowadays the online transaction websites are also made legal by the government so before choosing a website it is essential to check their authenticity and popularity. Do not let one fraudulent website restrict you from money transfer. With a proper source and website, people can transfer money securely.

People can choose some websites like FAZRemit to perform money transfer from the United States to Nigeria, Ghana, and Kenya. So stop worrying about losing money and transfer immediately to your loved ones through this technique.