To register on FAZRemit, go to the Registration page. There you need to put your name and a valid email ID.

Please note that for explaining the registration process, we have used a temporary name and email ID – demo-registration.


As soon as you press ‘Sign Up’, you will be redirected your dashboard. There you can check how your personal FAZRemit dashboard will look like. No one but you can access the dashboard. It will look like the following:


fazremit dashboard

We will send a verification email on your email ID. Once you click on the verification link, we will redirect you to the FAZRemit Sign-in page. Now you need to use the email and password to access your dashboard.


After signing up, we will redirect you to your personal dashboard wherein the left section, you need to go to the ‘ID-check’ segment.


personal dashboard

To send money to Nigeria from USA using FAZRemit, you need to complete your application. This consists of filling up the form and sending your documents. Start off by filling all the details, namely,

Name, Phone number, Date of Birth, Occupation, Address, ZIP, Country, State, and City.



We will send you an OTP on your Phone number. Once it’s done, simply click ‘Save’. If you have filled all the details properly, you will see the following screen.


The next step is to add your upload KYC documents. You will have multiple options to choose from. For instance, in the Identity documents, you can submit your Driving License, Passport or a State-issued ID card. Address proof will have similar options.

You must upload clear, uncut, scanned (not a screenshot), and straight documents.

Please note that the images attached below are for demonstration purpose only.


identify documents to send money nigeria

As soon as you click ‘Save’, you will be redirected to your dashboard where your document status will change to ‘Accepted’. This means that we have received your documents and it is under verification.


demo fazremit registration

In the entire process, we will keep you notified of the progress via mail. In case you have any queries before, during or after the registration process, you can simply use our 24X7 chat support or you can also contact us at

Once your documents are verified, you are then registered and verified FAZRemit user. We will send you an email regarding the same, and then you can instantly send money to your beneficiary/beneficiaries from USA to Nigeria, Ghana or Kenya.

Register today on FAZRemit to instantly transfer money to Nigeria from USA at the most affordable rate.