When it comes to a remittance platform that provides secure money transfer to Nigeria from USA, there are few boxes it needs to check. Right from being a part of a safe environment to your personal security, everything matters.

In this blog, we will list down all the pointers that make an ‘online remittance provider’ secure. Furthermore, we will check how FAZRemit ensures the safety of all the customers who want to send money to Nigeria from USA.

1. Guaranteeing A Safe Habitat

Strictly following the guidelines laid down by financial regulators of both the countries of a remittance corridor is mandatory. In this case, Nigerian and American financial regulatory bodies have specific protocols that each and every licensed bank and non-bank financial institution must follow.

To achieve that, online money transfer platforms have to do a trade-off between the freedom to make any transaction(s) without any obstacle and asking them for their KYC documents. This ensures that each and every international transaction is processed within a controlled and safe environment. And that the money is not being laundered or used for Terrorism funding.


kyc documents for safe secure money transfer to Nigeria

FAZRemit is dedicated to providing the most convenient money transfer to Nigeria. However, there are some security protocols we need to follow to ensure the safety of the entire FAZRemit family. This is why, to register on FAZRemit and for sending money to Nigeria from USA, one needs to submit his or her identity and address proof.

2. Securing Your Data

To register on a platform including any sort of financial transaction, you need to submit various details, including, but not limited to:

  1. Phone Number
  2. Email ID
  3. Address Proof
  4. Bank Account Details
  5. Personal Documents

Read: FAZRemit Privacy Policy

Therefore, it is the concerned platform’s responsibility to keep all your personal and public information (if any) safe.

3. Sending Money to the Right Beneficiary

There have been multiple cases in the finance industry where a customer commits a mistake of sending money to an incorrect address. The worst part about this blunder is – it may require a lot of exhaustive documentation work to get the transferred funds back. If not that, then one may need to convince the recipient to return the money back. So, overall, in this scenario, your convenience goes down the flush!


To avoid such problems from the very beginning, FAZRemit allows you to add a beneficiary. Once we verify the beneficiary, we notify him or her of the same, and then you can send money to the Beneficiary instantly. Furthermore, you can make recurring payments to the verified beneficiary.

Also, if you do not want to send the payment right away, you can create a transaction and save it for later. When you want to release the payment, simply make the payment and we will transfer the money instantly!

4. 100% Refund if the Transaction is Unsuccessful

In the case, because of any reason, FAZRemit cannot process your transaction, you will get 100% refund. This is how we ensure that money is 100% safe with FAZRemit.


Once you get onboard with FAZRemit, we ensure that you have the fastest, most convenient and safe experience.

To experience the most secure money transfer to Nigeria from USA at the most affordable rates, register on FAZRemit today!

For any further queries, you can always use our Chat Support or contact us at support@fazremit.com.