Sending money to Ghana online does not just increase the financial strength of the recipients but also contributing to the overall country’s economy which during 2017 was up to US$2.2 billion. To keep a check of the inflow of remittances, it is also important and moreover, it should be considered a high time for the government as well as the Ghanaians to aggressively turn towards online money transfer services. Reason being the drawbacks of traditional international money transfer system which includes banks that levy ridiculously high interest to send money to Ghana from US.

For an immigrant remittance sender in the US, 7-8% fee on every single transaction, which generally happens every fortnight, is not economically feasible. Moreover, in the long run, sending remittances to his or her native country could cost him hundreds of dollars. Not to mention that this money has already been taxed by the US government. This could indirectly encourage the individual to opt for informal sources to send remittances. Therefore it is the responsibility of the government of countries involved in an international trade corridor to put customer-friendly regulations in place for Other Financial Institutions (OFIs) to operate autonomously for providing the benefits that the citizens deserve without compromising with the AML/CFL laws.

How can they do that?

The answer to that is quite simple. With the worldwide introduction and acceptance of strict KYC laws, every single merchant and service provider should be responsible for each and every transaction taking place through its platform. To take comprehensive benefits of such services, FAZRemit operates in the direction of providing a secure facility to the users who can avail our services by following 3 simple steps to send money to Ghana from US:

  1. Register yourself and complete your KYC verification
  2. Login to your dashboard and add a beneficiary that you want to send the money to
  3. Make the transaction and instantly wire money to Ghanaian bank account.

Send Money to Ghana from US

We, at FAZRemit, to ensure that every single customer gets the quality service that he or she aspires for, take regular feedback from our exponentially increasing clientele consisting mostly of immigrants from Ghana, Nigeria and Kenya who want to send money to their native country. Our primary objective is to provide a secure, reliable and convenient platform to instantly send money to Ghana from US at the most affordable prices. Considering the importance of transparency that is required in any good service, we allow users to make unlimited transactions in which one can transfer up to $2499 from United States to selected Ghanaian banks.

You can check the list of Ghanaian banks that FAZRemit allows online transactions to, by clicking here

For a transaction of up to $499.99, we charge flat $8.99 which is the lowest among any other online money transfer service. For a higher amount, i.e. up to $999.99, the charges are $11.99$. To make sure that we provide the cheapest service to our customer, for any international money transfer from $1000 to $2499.99, FAZRemit charges a nominal fee of 2% which is the lowest among all other IMTOs as well as international money transfer service providers and platforms.

You can check the transaction fees of our money transfer services to Ghana Nigeria and Kenya by clicking here.

Why Choose FAZRemit?

Direct remittances over the years have been a side-channel for Ghanaian natives to overcome the lack of confidence about the public sources because of the corruption involved in several monetary transactions. The involvement of middle-men, be it government officials when it comes to public subsidies and financial benefits, or even higher authorities in NGOs, the Ghanaian officials have more than often been accused of taking a considerable share of the overall fund. In the end, only a nominal and insufficient amount makes its way to the person in need who has to suffer the consequences. One of the major reasons for such problems was the involvement of multiple vendors, distributors, all-in-all manual intervention.

To overcome all such conflicts of interest, FAZRemit ensures that as soon as your KYC verification is completed, other than our customer support team, no one comes in between your transactions providing you the power to do choose the transaction you want to make without any third-party intervening in the overall costs.

We understand that when it comes to intra-family transfers where remittances can be the only source to help your friend(s) or family in need to fulfill their basic financial requirements, this transaction is not meant to be affected or delayed. Besides, personal investment transfers are equally important to take part in the evolving financial trend and encourage successful immigrants sharing their hard-earned money and looking for opportunities in Ghana to investing in the country itself which in the long run can benefit the investor as well as the country as a whole.

Considering all the abovementioned, this is why FAZRemit ensure to provide each and every customer with the fastest, most affordable and easiest platform to send money to Ghana online.

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