To send money to Nigeria, the overall accessibility is better today than ever before because of the availability of multiple online platforms right from banks and International Money Transfer Operators (IMTOs) to bidding sites. However, all such options have their individual drawback. While banks and bidding sites take almost a week to process the transaction and charge high transaction interest, IMTOs are also competing against them or through those platforms as well as among themselves while trying to maintain a balance of their high-end operational and expansion cost. Because of this, some IMTOs may offer comparatively lower fees and others may have faster transaction time but there is no ‘Jack of All Trades’.

This has led to the emergence of an automated platform like FAZRemit which takes care of all the proceedings right from easy registration and verification to final transaction, and beyond. To send money to Nigeria from US via FAZRemit, you have to follow 3 simple steps:

  1. Register easily using your E-mail ID
  2. Verify your Email and submit your KYC documents including your Passport and Address Proof
  3. Once the verification is complete, add a beneficiary and send up to US$2499 instantly

Send Money to Nigeria from the United States

Even before laying the foundation of FAZRemit, our market analysis helped us understand the problems faced by the Nigerian diaspora in the United States for sending remittances to their native country. Overcoming all those problems, we made sure that every single state in the US is well-equipped with providing satisfactory services to our customers who can send money to various banks in Nigeria with no hassle.

Collecting data from multiple surveys, we started our services ensuring that immigrants or in fact, anyone with a bank account can send money to Nigeria from US from New York, Atlanta, Houston, Washington, Dallas, Chicago, Baltimore, Los Angeles and Boston. Instead of spreading our service globally, being a customer-driven model, FAZRemit ensures to deliver on its promises to the client without compromising with the security standards set up by countries involved in the concerned Remittance-corridor. Currently, we provide our online money transfer services in Nigeria, Ghana and Kenya.

Why Choose FAZRemit?

We, at FAZRemit, understand what the customers need the most – Value. And this is what we are after! Abiding by the laws put in place by Nigerian as well as United States government, by following all the fundamental protocols, we ensure to provide our customers with:

  • Fastest
  • Cheapest, and
  • Most Convenient

online money transfer services to send money to Nigeria from the United States. We understand the trend that is shifting from traditional financial trades and how the current generation of millennials is playing a major role by actively taking part in this evolution. This makes it imperative for any financial institution to evolve itself and work toward making its service better every single day which is why we take considerable steps based on your feedback to make ourselves better to provide you with the service you aspire for and the experience you deserve!

To avail our services right away, Register with FAZRemit today!