Displacement of thousands of families and disruptions of societies is widespread in today’s world of violence. From Afghanistan to Ukraine the wide-ranging impact it has on the world is free to see. This makes it important to understand who refugees are and what they require most.

June 20, 2001, was the founding date of the World Refugee Day. An initiative of the United Nations Refugee Agency, it tries to send a message of peace and togetherness. Messages for unity among governments to ease the hardships of refugees are prevalent worldwide. This year, it also marks an important time for migrant diasporas to show support to their displaced families in home countries.

World Refugee Day

Refugees are people who flee their country because of persecution, violence, and war. A refugee crisis refers to a large scale displacement of people from their home countries for these same reasons. They lose their homes, livelihood and their way of life. It is a scary situation to be in a new country with no belongings or knowledge of the future.

The main objectives of governments and organizations are to allow the refugees to return to normal lives. This includes providing them with healthcare, food, water, and livelihood. Various countries, organizations, and individuals are donating for this cause. Using online money transfer services like FAZRemit, you too can help the ones you should. Send money to Nigeria online to do your bit for the humanitarian cause.

The Refugee crisis in Nigeria

With over 15 countries in Africa reeling under conflicts refugees in the continent are the ones most affected. Sub-Saharan African countries have 6.2 million refugees in total. Nigeria is the largest country in Africa in terms of population with 200 million citizens.  Several conflicts affect the country because of the diversity it holds as a country.

The latest of these conflicts have been going on since 2009. The Boko Haram Insurgency in northern Nigeria has been one of hardships and losses. The world refers to them as the Nigerian Taliban for the similarities with their ideologies and acts of violence. Their main motive is to Cleanse the Muslim population in Northern Nigeria.

The insurgents plunder the homes, take food, water, and other resources and kill people in their homes. As a result, thousands of Nigerians have left their homes and belongings for safety. It is sad to note that 2.4 million people are in displacement due to the conflict. They spread out inside the country and cross borders into neighboring countries for safety.

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What does the future hold for refugees?

The United Nations and other organizations try to provide adequate economic support and basic amenities to the refugees. They have made an appeal for $135 million to help the Nigerian refugees. Online money transfer services have made a huge difference for these funding efforts.

Various efforts are ongoing to ensure the refugees returning home have proper rights and livelihoods. Ensuring socio-psychological support provides them with mental healthcare. They distribute shelters and basic household items regularly to the refugees who are returning home.

The country can benefit a lot from the normalization of social life. The government’s main aims include providing healthcare, food, water and finding resources with which to construct a temporary shelter.

With an unstable economy and unemployment, a refugee crisis threatens to derail the country from its future. 6% of Nigeria’s GDP is made up remittance inflows. And it is of vital importance that more money reaches the country at this time of need. We ensure that the migrants who send money online to Nigeria, get the best value for their transactions.

FAZRemit and The Difference It can Make

FAZRemit ensures a fast, safe and affordable corridor for remittances to Nigeria. A migrant from the US can send money online to his friend or family in turmoil in Nigeria using FAZRemit. This inflow can help the government do more in terms of humanitarian aid to the refugees.

FAZRemit offers the lowest transaction fees for its services. This means a greater amount of money reaches the ones who need it the most. The service offers instant transactions keeping in mind the importance of timely remittances. Registering to FAZRemit online allows the user to send up to $2499 instantly. KYC checks ensure the safety of the user and their money. Transactions are highly secure and in the user’s control. Every transaction that goes through helps make a difference in the country’s stand for aid.

This World Refugee Day, join Up with FAZRemit to send your loved ones the support they need. Let us commemorate the strength, perseverance, and courage of those involved in the crisis.