June 7, 2019, will be the first-ever World Food Safety Day commemoration in the history of mankind. The United Nations General Assembly adopted it in December 2018. The theme for this year is “Food Safety: Everyone’s Business”.

Food is the starting point of energy, health, and wellbeing of a person. More importance is on the quality of food, rather than the quantity. To have a healthy diet, it is important that nutritious food is available to the person.

The Nigerian economy, reeling under instability has led to increased market prices.  Remittance money flowing in to aid the beloved families of Nigerian immigrants due to the soaring prices have increased. You too can send money to Nigeria online to support your loved ones using FAZRemit at affordable rates.

What is Actual Food Safety?

To understand the importance of the decision to commemorate food safety, we need to know what food safety is.

Food safety is the absence of hazardous ingredients in the food that a human consumes. Bacteria, pesticide and insecticide residues in the meals we eat will harm our body and make it prone to diseases.

Unsafe food is a concern for developing nations because of the lack of economic ability to sustain safety measures. It affects women, children, migrants and populations affected by conflict. It is especially relevant to the Sub-Saharan countries for the lack of economic capabilities to sustain such standards.

With about 600 million cases on average relating to food safety issues, it is high time to work on this issue. Therefore, food safety is important for a healthy and energetic population of a country aiming for economic and social development.

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Where does Nigeria stand?

The country of Nigeria is one such with unemployment on an all-time high along with economic instability. Less than 40% of the 200 million-strong population is under full employment. The country is high on poverty rates with 87 million estimated to be under the poverty line.

The country’s GDP highly depends on oil and agriculture. Yes, agriculture. Yet as exports soar, people still have no money to buy food.

The inflation in the country has increased year by year since 2016. It made prices to jump up by 70% in the time between 2015 and 2017. This makes it a hard ask to focus on food safety in Nigeria. Especially,  when there is no food on the table for over 25% of the population.

Fluctuations in foreign exchange rates have also affected bank transfers into the country. This has increased the use of services like FAZRemit to send money to Nigeria online.

What is June 7th changing in Nigeria?

Organizations and individuals are trying their best to ease this pain of food safety for the Nigerian people. They have involved NGOs like Food Bank Nigeria to address food security challenges. People worldwide are using online money transfer services to help the cause in Nigeria.

Action Against Hunger (AAH) reports that the food security challenge is a humanitarian crisis in Northern Nigeria.  This crisis has already displaced 1.5 million people with over 4 million affected on the whole. They need Humanitarian help for the crisis and to provide food security to the citizens in Nigeria.

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